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Update: July 10, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8, which was launched on April 21, 2017, became a big hit among electronic consumers. However, the new smartphone is also a bit disappointing for a lot of consumers, according to Express.

Apparently, consumers may have to wait for one of the hyped features of the new Galaxy S8. The Bixby, Samsung’s new voice-operated digital assistant, is not yet unavailable at the moment. According to the publication, Samsung is still ironing out some issues in understanding all the English dialects. In addition, the company revealed that it still lacks the “accumulation of big data” needed for Bixby’s deep learning technology.

Meanwhile, there is no official launch date of the Note 8 yet. However, there are rumors saying that the latest Note model will be out by next month in time with Berlin’s IFA technology show.

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Samsung 2017 flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, are expected to do well despite the negative publicity the brand experienced last year. While the company’s reputation was tarnished due to the exploding Note 7 fiasco, the incident was not enough to send the brand packing from the mobile segment.

In fact, it looks like the brand’s reputation is on the mend as consumer’s confidence is expected to be restored with the introduction of the Samsung 2017 flagship phones this year. As long as the Korean brand successfully convinces consumers of the safety of the upcoming devices, buyers are expected to snap up the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and its phablet counterpart the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when it releases to the market.

Blame it on brand recognition but consumers are already thrilled about the exciting features these Samsung 2017 flagships could be bringing this year. In fact, there are even reports that some owners of the potentially lethal Note 7 did not return the phones despite Samsung’s recall in the hopes that the company might replace the defective units with the newer Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 by the time the devices become available.

A Business Insider report details the expected features of the upcoming Samsung 2017 flagship smartphone. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is likewise expected to feature the same iris scanner found in Note 7. However, it may not have a home button as it will be replaced by a fingerprint scanner that could be located at the phone’s back or under its screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to have a curved edge to edge AMOLED display. In addition, it may come with an enhanced AI digital assistant named Bixby.

Meanwhile, expectations run high from the upcoming Samsung 2017 flagship for the phablet category. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 must successfully convince consumers that is does not carry the same security issues that hounded its predecessor, the Note 7.

In addition, it must be able to entice buyers with its features, a feat that it might just pull off if the Tech Times report is correct. According to the publication, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be power packed with a 6GB or 8 GB RAM ran by the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 830.

On the display front, the Samsung 2017 flagship phablet will not disappoint either. A 4K display may be mandatory as it is expected to have VR compatibility as well. It may share the same screen size as its predecessor with a 5.7 inch screen.

Fingerprint and iris scanning capability is expected in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as these have already been features in the Note 7. Storage option is expected to match or even exceed the 258 GB of the previous model.

For now, no definite dates for the Samsung 2017 flagships have been announced. However, it is likely that the Galaxy Note 8 may be unveiled sooner given the vacuum left by the Note 7. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced by April.

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