Total War: Warhammer
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Strategy gamers better prepare themselves to work with some interestingly named “Total War: Warhammer” feature this month. Creative Assembly just announced Terry, which is a new Battle Map Editor that players will be able to use this February 2017.

“Total War: Warhammer” developer Creative Assembly even released a brief video on what Terry can do. When the Battle Map Editor goes live this month, players can do some serious terraforming to their hearts’ content, if that is their thing.

In fact, Steam “Total War: Warhammer” players can already go ahead and tinker around with Terry. A Battle Map Editor Beta is already ongoing but the beta phase is restricted only for Windows 10 players at the moment, reports VG24/7. However, when the feature gets released to the general public later this month, it should also be functional for gamers using the Windows 7 and 8 platforms.

But Creative Assembly confirmed that Terry will have one limitation. The “Total War: Warhammer” Battle Map Editor will not be functional in campaigns as campaign maps will not be customizable. While the it is feasible, the developer would rather use the manpower to make the next “Total War” title.

Gamers who want to try it out may head out to the Total War forums for details. Be sure to lock in on GamesnAnime for updates, such as the highly anticipated update that will  upgrade the Bretonnia to a full playable race.

Meanwhile, developer Creative Assembly announced a Total War spinoff called the Total War Saga series. At the moment, no release date has been revealed. Stay tuned for updates.

Photo Source: YouTube/DarrenTotalWar


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