the civilization 6 australia pack arrives this summer
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This latest “Civilization 6” news will definitely have people from Down Under beaming with pride. Australia is now joining the list of playable civs in Firaxis and 2K Games’ strategy game.

Since the latest “Civilization 6” DLC dropped last year, fans of the strategy franchise have been looking forward for its next expansion. It looks like their prayers just got answered as Firaxis recently announced that another expansion is set for release this summer.

In the game’s official site, Firaxis announced that John Curtin will lead the Australian civilization. Curtin was Australia’s 14th Prime Minister and served the country from 1941 to 1945 during the Second World War.

When the new “Civilization 6” DLC release date arrives by summer this year, players will have another option on how to approach the alluring challenge of world domination. Playing the Australian civilization will offer strategic advantages that they can incorporate into their gameplay.

For instance, the upcoming “Civilization 6” civ will be able to produce its unique unit known as the “diggers.” They replace the infantry in other civs but gets buff when fighting in tiles adjacent to water or when engaged in a fight outside the civilizations territory.

The new civ also gives an extra housing when cities are built in coastal tiles. In addition, holy sites, commercial and theater districts get additional bonuses when built next to tiles with charming or breathtaking appeal.

The upcoming “Civilization 6” DLC will also introduce a new tile improvement exclusive only to the Australians. Called Outback Stations, they churn out food as well as production and give bonus food for pastures near them.

Citadel of Civilization is Curtin’s unique ability. When Australia is on the defensive side of a new war, the civ gets a production bonus, a very helpful boost to help bulk up once forces in an emergency. The same bonus may also be triggered when liberating a city.


Firaxis already released the “Civilization 6” Australia DLC on February 23, 2017. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer for the new civ below.

Feature Image: Sid Meier’s Civilization/YouTube

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