Fairy Tail 531 will see Anna implement her plan of trapping Acnologia in the ravines of time.
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In the coming “Fairy Tail” 531 manga chapter, Anna, together with the rest on board Christina, will finally implement their plans of luring Acnologia into their trap. However, it appears that “Fairy Tail” Chapter 530, Zeref has other plans for that anomaly they call the ravines of time. Thus, a potential conflict between Zeref and Anna’s plans is hinted in the recently released “Fairy Tail” Chapter 530 and it remains to be seen whose plan will be implemented.

How Anna Plans To Use Ravines Of Time

In the latest chapter titled “Neo Eclipse,” which can be read in Manga Stream, Anna Heartfilia revealed how she plans to use the space-time aberration to eliminate Acnologia. She spoke of an “abnormal magic” she detected and described as is as the “magic of nothingness” because it is a power that has no place in the era.

It is actually a thing that has dimensions, at least as far as one can tell by looking at it. It is just as big as an orange but, if one touches it, the orange-sized ravines of time will swallow them whole trapping them inside its inconceivable dimension. Thus, Anna’s plan is pretty straight forward – race to the location of the ravines of time and place the space-time anomaly between the Black Dragon and the vessel. Given the dragon’s enormous size, it’s pretty certain that he will come into contact with the trap in the coming “Fairy Tail” 531.

Zeref’s Neo-Ecplise

Unknown to Anna however, Zeref is also aware of the ravines of time. In fact, he also plans to make use of it to eliminate Acnologia. However, he has more drastic plans for the anomaly.

According to Zeref, does not simply want to travel back in time but to reset it somewhere back into the past. Using the ravines of time, Zeref plans to erase everything and reset the clock back to a time when Natsu is still human and alive, back to a time when Zeref is not yet an immortal.

But it will not be a plan that Natsu will go along with. Erasing everything will mean erasing all his bonds of friendship with this guild. It will be a race against time on whether it will be Anna or Zeref that makes use of the ravines of time first.

Will Anna successfully trap Acnologia in the space-time anomaly? Everything will be revealed in the coming “Fairy Tail” Chapter 531. Titled “Pegasus Vs Black Dragon” the chapter will finally feature the fight between the mages on board Pegasus’ ship Christina and the Black Dragon, Acnologia.

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