Fairy Tail 532 will reveal how Anna plans to unseal the Ravines of Time
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“Fairy Tail” 532 Chapter of the manga series should not be missed by fans. The upcoming chapter will feature Anna Heartfilia’s next step after her plan to trap Acnologia inside the Ravines of time failed. Meanwhile, “Fairy Tail” Chapter 531 introduced exciting developments that would affect Natsu’s fight against Zeref. For instance, the Book of Zeref used to resurrect Natsu was activated, Natsu transformed into something else and Mavis, a factor in Zeref’s Neo Eclipse spell.

As predicted by GamesnAnime, the previous chapter titled “Pegasus Vs Black Dragon” featured the chase between the mages led by Anna Heartfilia with Acnologia hot in pursuit. While the Ravines of Time is invisible, the pilot of the Pegasus’ ship Christina already plotted the anomaly, moving towards at great speed while careful that no part of the ship should touch it. And Anna’s plan was executed flawlessly, the clueless dragon made contact with the Ravines of Time, yet their problem continues in the coming “Fairy Tail” 532.

But it did go according to plan. While Acnologia hit the anomaly, he did not totally disappear as expected. Instead, he was able to pass through it and latched himself to the ship. Fortunately, Anna thought of a temporary solution to loosen the Black Dragon’s hold on the ship. Since Acnologia is also a dragon slayer, he is also affected by motion sickness. Anna instructed Ichiya to break the lacrima that nullified their motion sickness. True enough, the Black Dragon let go but he will remain to be a big problem for the mages in the coming “Fairy Tail” 532 Chapter of the manga.

It dawned on Anna that the Ravines of Time have been closed. Later, Zeref revealed to Natsu that it was he who sealed the anomaly as he intends to use its power to cast his time changing Neo Eclipse spell, which he will most likely do in the coming “Fairy Tail” 532.

But Anna has other plans in mind as far as the space-time anomaly is concerned. Bent on defeating Acnologia, she plans to rip open the Ravines of Time. Will she be able to undo Zeref’s sealing technique and use it against the Black Dragon ahead of Zeref’s Neo Eclipse?

Meanwhile, Natsu underwent some exciting transformation. In the previous chapter, his appearance has now some dragonlike characteristics. Even Zeref commented that Natsu must be planning to use “the power of the dragons.” Will Natsu undergo dragonification in “Fairy Tail” 532?

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