One Piece Chapter 863 will reveal if Luffy's ruse will distract Big Mom's overpowered minions
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The explosive action is expected to continue in “One Piece’ 863 manga. The recently released installment finally featured the Straw Hats – Capone Bege alliance start implementing their Big Mom assassination plot.

The recently released chapter did not end well for the Big Mom pirates. And it all started with Pudding when she hesitated to give the signal Big Mom’s assassins start shooting at the Vinsmoke clan. When she revealed to Sanji her third eye expecting the latter to recoil in seeing the horrifying sight, he told her that it is so beautiful that she was thrown off guard for a moment, unable to carry out her part of Big Mom’s plan be giving the assassination squad by giving the signal. It might take a few moments before Big Mom’s side could recover from Pudding’s mistake, the Straw Hat – Bege alliance is expected to maintain the upper hand in the coming “One Piece” 863 manga chapter.

There were previous concerns regarding Commander Dogtooth’s ability to see a few steps ahead. Using his ability, he was able to predict that Sanji will be able to dodge Pudding’s bullet and tried to compensate for it by shooting a jellybean at Sanji. However, the latter was able to dodge it as well and Dogtooth’s jellybean killed the priest officiating the wedding ceremony instead. There are now speculations that “One Piece” 863 manga chapter will feature a fight between Dogtooth and Sanji, since the latter has vowed never to heart a woman.

Meanwhile, Luffy’s dramatic entrance was finally revealed in the previous manga chapter. Luffy burst out of the wedding cake a move that surely surprised all the guests present. But what made it even more surprising was that a horde of Luffy clones burst out from the cake surprising even Dogtooth.

But will an army of Luffy clones be enough to distract the overpowered members of the Big Mom pirates so that Bege can finally approach the Mother Caramel portrait unimpeded? “One Piece” 863 manga chapter will be released sometime next week. Stay tuned.

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