ARK Survival Evolved is now priced $60 on Steam's Early Access.
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The highly-anticipated ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 patch was not deployed as previously scheduled. The v510 patch was slated for roll out on July 12, Wednesday but developer Studio Wildcard recently announced that its availability for the Sony console will be delayed a day or two.

But the ARK: Survival Evolved patch will definitely arrive this week according to an Express report. A community manager for Studio Wildcard explained the slight delay via a Twitter post, likewise promising that the patch will arrive either Thursday or Friday this week.

“Our aim is the next possible day, but I’ll update the ETA once I know it’s being submitted to cert (sic).”

“We’re still aiming for a PC update within the next 12 hrs or so (don’t stay up for it) which will have a number of bug fixes.”

“Nothing has gone wrong per se with this update, we just want it to the as good as it can be, and having an extra 12 hrs or a day.”

Apparently, the team needs more time to fix some bugs noted in the newer version, which is already available on Xbox One. The patch introduced visual enhancements into the game resulting in clearer, more realistic dinosaurs.

However, the noticeably more stunning visuals demanded more memory. As a result, there have been reports of the game crashing, a situation that Studio Wildcard does not want to happen in the PS4’s update.

Meanwhile, the Ark: Survival Evolved price in Steam’s Early Access just doubled last week, according to PCGamer. The title’s price jumped from $30 to $60 which, as explained by Studio Wildcard, is aimed to “to ensure retail parity.” The PC version’s price now matches that of its console versions.

Of course, many of the game’s fans were not too happy with the hefty increase. There are concerns that the move could adversely affect the title’s popularity as some gamers lament that for an unfinished game, $60 might be asking too much.

[Featured Image by Studio Wildcard]

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