Boruto Episode 17
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It appears that the upcoming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 17 will be another filler episode while waiting for the next arc of the anime series. With the conclusion of Ghost Incident arc, fans will have to wait for a bit longer for some real action.

The coming episode 17 of the Boruto anime series will feature Sarada Uchiha. To allow her mom Sakura to take the day off, Sarada is given the seemingly simple task of delivering a stuffed toy to a hospitalized child, according to a Saiyan Island report.

But of course, not everything goes according to plan. Sarada will realize that she left the stuffed toy back at the train. Thus begins Sarada’s rush to recover the toy.

Along the way, she will meet with some of her classmates such as Inojin, Chocho, Boruto and Shikadai. Chocho will suggest to Sarada that she try to look for it in the Lost and Found Center but it is yet unclear if searching for the toy there will help.

The Ghost Incident arc recently concluded with the Class Rep abandoning her plans of revenge. It was learned that her father was a member of the Foundation who continued Danzo’s research on the Nue. He used his only child, Sumire, as the ultimate weapon by giving her the ability to control the Nue and left her with the instruction to wreck havoc on Konoha.

Thankfully, Sumire saw the error of her vengeful motives just in time. Thus, she parted ways with the Nue which was actually revealed to be a loving creature who saw Sumire as its mother and did what it could to save her and her classmates from the collapsing dimension they were in.

While everything has returned to normal in Konoha, a greater enemy is about to arrive, though it is not likely to happen in the coming Boruto: Naruto Shippuden episode 17 yet. By the looks of it, Konoha will be facing more powerful opponents when some of Kaguya’s clan members arrive to their world to investigate what they thought to be an anomaly. With the aging Naruto and Sasuke still possess enough power to oppose  not one but two Kaguya-strength foes?

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