Dragon Ball Super episode 101 will feature Goku and his team fight Universe 11's Pride Troopers.
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Based on last episode’s ending, it appears that a fight between two of the most powerful combatants – Goku and Jiren – is likely to happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 101. Of course, fans are speculating who could be the stronger fighter between the two, given Jiren’s seemingly effortless disposal of an out-of-control Kale in the previous episode.

Kale Loses Control

The most unforgettable incident in DBS episode 100 was probably Kale’s totally unexpected transformation. While she was previously presented as weakling being bullied by the other fighters. However, everything changed when Kale saw Caulifla enjoying an intense fight with Goku which left her feeling a bit unwanted and just a bother to both of them.

Driven by her intense feeling of jealousy for Goku “taking away” Caulifla from her, Kale underwent a spontaneous Super Saiyan transformation and proceeded to mindlessly attack Goku. The problem was that Kale lost her mind in the process and cannot even control her powers. Thus, she single-handedly eliminated a large number of the combatants when she unleashed a barage of energy attacks to all directions.

Super Saiyan Kale Stronger Than Goku?

One thing that fans are most likely wondering is whether the transformed Kale was actually stronger than Goku. During her mindless rampage, Goku had to transform to his Blue form and attack with Kamekameha, an attack that Kale did not even bother to dodge as it seemed to have no effect on her.

So is the transformed Kale really stronger the Goku in his Blue form? That seems to be the case based on the events that happened in Dragon Ball Super episode 100. For instance, Vegeta even recognized how dangerous Kale was, calling her a monster and warning Goku not to let his guard down. In addition, everyone, including Goku, seem to be hiding from her at that time.

Jiren Vs Goku

Thankfully, there was Jiren’s well-timed attack on Kale who was knocked out and reverted back to her normal self. Given that it was Jiren who was able to easily subdue the Saiyan Kale, does this mean that Jiren could be even more powerful than Goku?

While Jiren was able to easily defeat the transformed Kale, it does not necessarily mean that he is more powerful than Goku. For one thing, Goku might have held back when attacking Kale for whatever reasons, which explains why his attack was not as effective.

On the other hand, Jiren is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The fact that he was able to land a one-punch blow that knocked out the powerful Kale cold is testament to that. Thus, the fight between Jiren and Goku in the coming Dragon Ball Super episode 101 is something fans should not miss.

However, DBS episode 101 spoilers from Saiyan Island suggest that Goku will have to face the Pride Troopers first before a battle with Jiren could happen. For this to happen, he will have to team up with Kale and Caulifla to defeat the Universe 11 fighters.

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