One Piece Chapter 874 will reveal how the Straw Hats will survive Big Mom's tantrums.
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Chapter 874 of Eiichiro Oda’s hugely popular manga series One Piece promises to be an interesting installment as the fleeing Straw Hat Pirates suddenly find themselves facing a very big problem. At the end of the previous chapter, Big Mom suddenly appeared demanding that they give her what she wants – the wedding cake.

Perospero Deceives Big Mom

Big Mom was about to wreck havoc on Sweet City were it not for Perospero who thought of a way to deflect of the Yonko’s destructive hunger for the moment while eliminating the Straw Hats at the same time. To escape Linlin’s wrath, Perospero told her that the Straw Hats stole her delicious wedding cake. This prompted the Yonko to go after Luffy and his crew in haste on board his loyal flying cloud Zeus.

But before Big Mom departed he warned Perospero that if she found out that he is lying, Perospero will have to pay with his life. Thus, the tension was still high even after Big Mom was gone for surely, she will not find the wedding cake with the Straw Hats even if she kills all of them.

Pudding is Back

Fortunately, Pudding has a plan. All they have to do is make the wedding cake from scratch since they still have the special ingredients used to make the original cake left. She is pretty certain that she will even make a better-tasting chocolate cake than Streussen. As for the chiffon cake, her sister Chiffon, who is also Jinbe’s wife, could certainly pull it off. But first, she has to be convinced to do it, a deed that can be achieve using Pudding’s persuasive skills also known as her memory modification ability.

But as far as Pudding getting cozy with Sanji is concerned, it appears that it is no longer a possibility at the moment. Pudding is indeed back, and by that I mean, the manipulative, evil Pudding. As far as she is concerned, Sanji insulted her by lying to her when he called her third eye beautiful.

Will The Straw Hats Escape Big Mom?

But of course, the big question is whether Luffy and company could escape a rampaging Linlin this time. In a Manga Helpers discussion, fans were asked to vote how they think Luffy could escape certain death at the hands of Linlin in the coming One Piece Chapter 874.

Some fans voted that Sanji might just become their savior by using his culinary skills to create a cake good enough to appease Big Mom’s tantrum. But given the fact that they are currently on the ran and there is no kitchen in sight, chances of that happening are slim.

Some fans also predict that Luffy might just awaken his DF ability and, with the help of everyone, manage to subdue the Yonko. On the other hand, there is always that possibility that Oda might once again surprise everyone by coming up with a totally unexpected plot in the coming One Piece Chapter 874.


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