Universe 2 show its strength in Dragon Ball Super Episode 102
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The action in the ongoing Tournament of Power intensifies in Episode 102 of the hit anime series by Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball Super. In the next installment, it will be a battle between men and women as two male fighters from Universe 7 will be pitted against the women warriors of Universe 2, a group also known as the Kamikaze Fireballs.

Universe 7 Vs. Universe 2

DBS Episode 102 spoilers by Saiyan Island reveal that fans will be treated to an epic two-against-1 battle in the coming installment. In the coming fight, Universe 7 will be represented by Goku and Android 17, though it is yet unclear where the other Universe 7 fighters will be at this point.

Meanwhile, their Universe 2 opponents will be an all-girl team known as the Kamikaze Fireballs, comprised of Brianne de Chateau, Sanka and Suu. Their special ability is transformation, where they transform into Magical Girls, vastly increasing the power and fighting prowess in the process.

But before Brianne de Chateau could complete her transformation into the powerful Ribrianne in Dragon Ball Super Episode 102, Android 17 goes into the offensive according to a BlastingNews report. However, the sneak attack will be looked down not only by Universe 2’s warriors but even by his teammate Goku who will approve such tactics.

Jiren Vs. Goku

Fans are a bit disappointed with last episode’s fight. The highly anticipated fight between the powerful Jiren and Goku did not happen in the recent episode.

What happened instead is that Jerin sent in the five-warrior group from his universe to fight Goku known as the Pride Trooper. Universe 7 managed to eliminate two of its members while Kale, along with a transformed Kale who can now fully control her powers, took care of the three.

Since both Goku and Jiren are still in the arena, there is still a chance that their paths would eventually cross once more in future DBS episodes. Of course, fans are curious to see who among the two warriors is more powerful.

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