New Arc expected to start in the upcoming Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 19.
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The coming 19th episode of the hit anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is going to usher in something new to its storyline. Titled “Sakura and Sarada,” the installment will finally mark the end of the string of filler episodes after the Ghost Incident arc ended and finally introduce a new arc called Naruto Gaiden.

Sarada Doubts Her Real Biological Mother

Boruto Episode 19 spoilers by Blasting News suggest that Sarada will start questioning her parentage. After not seeing Sasuke for a long time, Sakura begins to miss her father and will start pestering her mother Sakura for his whereabouts. Sakura will try to evade her questions but things will get interesting after Sarada uncovers an old picture of her dad with a woman wearing red glasses.

Nerds4LifeBlog believes that the woman in the picture is Karin, Sasuke’s teammate in the past when he formed his own group Taka in the Naruto Shippuden storyline. Sarada will start to suspect that perhaps she is her mother considering that she also has the same glasses.

New Arc After Ghost Incident

Thus, the upcoming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 19 is expected to start the ball rolling for a new arc called the Naruto Gaiden. Sarada will journey outside Konoha search for clues about her father.

The Naruto Gaiden is a mini-series also written by Masashi Kishimoto meant to be an epilogue for the Shippuden series. It is set around 15 years after the Fourth Shinobi War and will introduce another Uchiha as the new villain.

Sasuke Returns

While it may not happen yet in Boruto Episode 19, one exciting event to look forward to is Sasuke’s return. After years of being away from Konoha, Naruto’s friend will finally be back in time to save his daughter from the another Sharingan wielding villain.

Meanwhile, enjoy a brief preview of the upcoming episode below. Stay tuned.

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