Fairy Tail 532 will reveal how Anna plans to unseal the Ravines of Time

‘Fairy Tail’ 532 Manga: Anna Rips Zeref’s Ravines Of Time Seal, Natsu Undergoes Dragonification?

"Fairy Tail" 532 Chapter of the manga series should not be missed by fans. The upcoming chapter will feature Anna Heartfilia's next step after her plan to trap Acnologia inside...
One Piece Chapter 863 will reveal if Luffy's ruse will distract Big Mom's overpowered minions

‘One Piece’ 863 Manga: Will An Army Of Luffy Clones Be Enough To Distract Big Mom’s Overpowered Entourage?

The explosive action is expected to continue in "One Piece' 863 manga. The recently released installment finally featured the Straw Hats - Capone Bege alliance start implementing their Big Mom assassination...
Fairy Tail 531 will see Anna implement her plan of trapping Acnologia in the ravines of time.

‘Fairy Tail’ 531 Manga: Anna Lures Acnologia Into Ravines Of Time; Zeref Has Other Plans

In the coming "Fairy Tail" 531 manga chapter, Anna, together with the rest on board Christina, will finally implement their plans of luring Acnologia into their trap. However, it...
Anna Lures Acnologia into a time trap in Fairy Tail 530

‘Fairy Tail’ 530 Manga: Anna Seals Acnologia Inside Eclipse-like Gate

In "Fairy Tail" 530, two events are expected to kick the action up a notch. First, the coming chapter of the manga series will reveal what happens next as...
The plot heats up in One Piece Chapter 862

‘One Piece’ 862 Manga: Sanji Distracted; Will Tamatebako Save Them All?

"One Piece" 862 chapter of the manga series will not be out this week as the team announced that they will be on hiatus. But given the exciting events...
Acnologia could walk into a trap in Fairy Tail Chapter 529

‘Fairy Tail’ 529 Manga: Who Is That Woman At The End Of Chapter 528?

When "Fairy Tail" 529 manga arrives next week, fans are hopeful that the upcoming chapter would be bringing the answers to some recently introduced questions. While the most recent...
One Piece 861 may see one Big Mom underling cause a problem to Bege and Luffy's plan

‘One Piece’ 861: VIP-Studded Wedding Finally Starts, Big Mom’s Underling That Can Stop Assassination Plan

The upcoming "One Piece" 861 is expected to finally feature the Stray Hat Pirates - Capone Bege alliance begin to implement their plans of assassinating Big Mom. Whole Cake Island...
Acnologia could be back in Fairy Tail 528

‘Fairy Tail’ 528 Spoilers, 527 Recap: What Could Be Mavis’ Plan Of Attack?

"Fairy Tail" 528 spoilers predict that the upcoming manga chapter will continue the exciting pacing of its storyline. Of particular interest is Mavis' realization of a way to defeat...
One Piece 860 could reveal the connection between Big Mom and Caramel

‘One Piece’ 860 Spoilers, 859 Recap: What Is Big Mom’s Connection To Mother Caramel?

The upcoming "One Piece 860" is now expected to feature the start of the highly anticipated wedding between Sanji and Pudding. While many were hoping for it to commence...
Capone Bege might have his secret weapon in One Piece 859

‘One Piece’ Chapter 859 Theory: Is Big Mom Aware Of Bege & Luffy’s Alliance To Take Her Down?

The coming "One Piece" 859 had fans worked up with the possible exciting plot developments it could bring. While the previous chapter revealed the alliance between Luffy and Capone...

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Master Roshi will have to face multiple enemies alone in the coming DBS 105.

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‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Episode 20 Spoilers: Another Sharingan User Arrives

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New Arc expected to start in the upcoming Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 19.

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